The One Glove GEO 3.0 Switch

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The One Glove  Company GEO 3.0 Switch

Built from the ground up for the modern day goalkeeper, the GEO 3.0 is our most ergonomiclightweight, and elite glove to date.

Iconic geometric design. Advanced materials. Innovative features. It all collides and fuses right here, birthing a refined second skin that delivers a supreme feel and connection with the ball.

This is not a "tool". Gloves are not "equipment". No...the GEO 3.0 is an extension of you. An elite glove you'll forget is even there. Flexible, breathable, comfortable. A heavy hitter in an ultra lightweight form factor that means you focus on one thing only. Your game.


  • Nieuwe one-piece Negatieve naad. Uniek op de markt.
  • 4mm pro grade conbtact latex
  • Speed sleeve
  • X-wrap control
  • Negatieve duim
  • Elastische bandagesluiting
  • Urgotract body

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Specificatie Omschrijving
Type Handschoen Hybride
Fingersafe Geen fingersafe
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