Adidas Predator GL Pro Black/Royblu/Syello/W

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Adidas Predator GL Pro Black/Royblu/Syello/W


  • URG 2.0: From adidas’ unrivaled URG series combines great grip and shock absorption in the premium glove segment. We recommend it for all surfaces and in all conditions. Always clean the latex in luke warm water after use.
  • ANATOMICAL FLEX ZONES: Mimic the natural movements of the hand, preventing bagging and bringing the ball closer to the hand
  • DEMONSKIN 2.0: Enhances fixation by preventing slippage within the sock during play
  • DEMONSKIN 2.0: The protrusions on the backhand and punching zone interact with the balls surface, allowing keepers to manipulate ball
  • ENGINEERED KNITTED ENTRY: Delivers an adaptive yet secure forearm fit that allows maximum range of motion
  • HAND: Provides an adaptive and comfortable fit with the utmost flexibility
  • NEGATIVE CUT: Provides a close and snug fit across the whole finger

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